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Lucky Duck Press is based in beautiful Litchfield County, Connecticut. If you live in or are visiting the area, contact us for an appointment and shop tour. We also offer appointments in New York City, Westchester County, Putnam and Duchess Counties, and southern Berkshire County.

We have a variety of stock designs to choose from, which are, in most cases, hand-set with wood or metal type. We are also happy to work with you or your designer to design and print custom jobs. These we print using polymer plates created from computer files.

Take a look around this site and our Etsy shop at: We're sure you'll find something that you love as-is or that inspires your own design ideas! When you're ready, contact us at: and we can get started creating the perfect letterpress-printed paper goods for you.

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In August 2010 Lucky Duck was featured with a story and video on Etsy's blog The Storque. To read the entire story, click here. The video is below.

Yankee Magazine

Lucky Duck Press was featured in the September-October 2013 issue of Yankee Magazine.

Martha Stewart Living - American Made Awards 2013

Once again, Lucky Duck is a nominee for Martha Stewart Living’s American Made People’s Choice Award! This year, however, there is no first round so instead of a pool of 100 entrants to choose from, there is now a pool of more than 1,000.

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Martha Stewart Living - American Made Awards

Lucky Duck was selected as one of 100 finalists (out of nearly 2,000 entries) for the Audience Choice Award in the American Made Awards presented by Martha Stewart. The Audience Choice Award relies on votes from the public and so if you're inclined, we would very much appreciate your vote. Voting is open from September 7 to September 24, and you can vote once each day.

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Marie Claire

Lucky Duck Press was featured in the May 2012 edition of Marie Claire.

New York Weddings

Lucky Duck Press was featured in the Winter 2009/2010 edition of New York Weddings.

Martha Stewart Weddings

In 2009 Lucky Duck Press was selected as one of Martha Stewart's "Favorite Etsy Crafters".


Lucky Duck Press is a direct descendent of my great-grandfather's Sterling Press of Winsted, Connecticut.

In 1901, my great-grandfather, Howard Deming, started The Sterling Press in the small city of Winsted, Connecticut. His business included announcements, business cards, invitations and business brochures and was printed by the method of the day, letterpress. He carried on, building this company, for at least seven years. At that point, though, a household crisis caused him to think about another avenue for letterpress printing.

Not long after his 1907 wedding, Howard came home from the shop to find his young wife in tears! The laundry had marked her new shirtwaist with a pen and the ink had run, destroying the garment. This led Howard to develop a "wash-proof ink" and a product line of cotton nametapes that could be sewn into garments to identify the owner and eliminate the need for marking by pen.

He found a rich market in institutions with mass laundry service, such as hospitals and boarding schools. Howard expanded the business, renaming The Sterling Press, The Sterling Name Tape Company. Parents of summer camp attendees became his largest customer group. In fact, if one went to camp in the U.S. prior to 1970 their nametapes were most likely from Sterling!

The company expanded further into personalized goods for campers, such as towels, laundry bags and backpacks and also began printing labels for crafters and small clothing businesses. Today, my father and brother run Sterling and have continued Howard’s legacy of looking for innovative printing methods for today’s market.

Over the years, any printing equipment that became outdated was moved to the basement of the Sterling building.

And so, just over 100 years after my great-grandfather opened his print shop, I brought some of his hand presses and lead type to Brooklyn, and Lucky Duck Press was born!

During the last few years I have returned to the old Connecticut shop to ‘liberate’ Howard’s foot-powered 1889 Golding Pearl Old Style No. 3, 1905 Golding Official No. 9 hand press, Challenge proof press and an automatic card press. Returning the equipment to its turn-of-the-century vocation of personal and business stationary, I work with Sterling’s original lead type and images, as well as photopolymer plates, to create note cards, wedding invitations, announcements, holiday cards, personal or business stationary, and other custom items.

After six years as a Brooklyn-based company, in the winter of 2010/2011, I moved Lucky Duck back to its ancestral home in Winsted, Connecticut. Moving into the building in which the Sterling Name Tape Company still operates, Lucky Duck has truly returned to its roots.

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